About Recognition Express

We are more than just name badges. Expect personal, knowledgeable expert service with every order.

"I believe you should always get the best possible price and quality without any exceptions or excuses. Go ahead, put us to the test. You'll get the best overall price and best overall value from Recognition Express. I guarantee it."

Jeff Tino, President / CEO - Recognition Express

Whether you are ordering on the web or on the phone, every Recognition Express order is managed by a knowledgeable team of people who will make sure every detail is as you ordered it. Our team includes experienced promotional product experts, talented artists on our design team, manufacturing specialists who actually create your products and our friendly and customer-focused office staff.

Recognition Express is in its 48th year as a premier provider of name badges, lanyards, desk plates, signs, plaques, awards, and promotional products for corporations and organizations all over the United States of America and the world. Our services provide companies in all industries with a cost-effective way to introduce and infuse their marketing message and name brand’s voice into the public consciousness.

When we started back in 1972, our original mission was to serve the needs of the real estate community. At that time real estate agents were not wearing name badges yet. Since then we have met the needs of every major real estate franchise and are also the only authorized supplier of name badges for all United States real estate franchises.

At the Recognition Express Las Vegas headquarters the main production facility manufactures over 4,000 unique products for its many diverse clients. Over the years Recognition Express has expanded its customer base from real estate to virtually every other industry. Recognition Express also serve industries such as hotel, restaurant, automotive, entertainment, government, retail, theme parks, manufacturing, mining, industrial, emergency and first responder agencies, organizations and the military.

Name badges, lanyards, desk plates, signs, plaques, awards, and promotional products are not only used effectively to broadcast a lasting marketing message. These items are also very are collectable, attractive and they instill brand loyalty to those who receive them. These promotional products identify the wearer as part of a club or that they support a certain cause. There's a lot more to a simple lanyard or name badge than you'd think.

Recognition Express consults with their clients helping them to get the best from their marketing campaigns and branding vision. The large and diverse array of promotional products (Over 800,000 products in our catalog) that Recognition Express features on their website are very affordable and they get real results producing verifiable return on investment (ROI).

Call today for a free consultation and free catalog design and setup. No matter what your budget is the professional staff at Recognition Express can deliver the best solution for your marketing plans. (800) 457-7030